Project Context

Timeline: June - Aug 2022 (12 week internship)

Timeline: Aug - Dec 2021

Team: Stephanie Cyrill, Ashwini Paradkar, Shruti Hanchinal

Timeline: Aug - Dec 2021

Team: Stephanie Cyrill, Ashwini Paradkar, Shruti Hanchinal


Design Research Intern User Research: Competitive Analysis, Surveys, User Interviews

UX Researcher

User Research: Competitive Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, User Interviews

UX Researcher

User Research: Competitive Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, User Interviews









About Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an e-commerce marketing automation platform that allows its users to manage and unify all customer data in one place to help them understand their customers better to deliver personalized experiences and grow their brand. As a customer platform, Klaviyo offers Email, SMS experiences combined with Integrations, Profiles, and Segmentation to provide Reports, Benchmarks, and Predictive analytics to help their users understand how their brand is doing and how they could grow.

Research focus

  • Understand the existing Facebook Ad integration experience

  • Identify usability issues and customer pain points in their experience

  • Provide usability fixes and design recommendations to enhance the Facebook integration experience, and other experiences as well.

Understanding the space

To understand the project in depth,

  • I worked closely with the Design Research team to understand their previous research in similar projects.

  • I also worked closely with the PMs, Product Designers and Developers to understand how they perceive this space and what they hoped the research would provide answers to.

  • I worked closely with the Support team to have a more deeper understanding of what were the problems users reached out to them about, and understand how they provide help.

Usability Testing

I conducted both moderated and unmoderated usability sessions through Zoom and respectively and collected both quantitative and qualitative information.

Key Takeaways

Lessons learned

  • Embracing edge cases: There’s lot to be learned from these situations that can help the overall experience - so don’t be alarmed!

  • Don’t be scared to ask why: This helped have a shared understanding and uncovering insights while collaborating and working across different teams. My team always appreciated this curiosity (Klaviyo as a whole does!) and encouraged me to keep asking more.

  • Taking a step back to see the bigger picture: This helped me to see all the different research data separately and cohesively to uncover insights and identify growth opportunities.


  • In retrospect, I wish I could’ve started earlier on this project so I could’ve done more research and answered more questions.

  • Since I was a new intern (and the very first Design Research intern), I was hesitant initially to speak up and provide my feedback, and ask questions. However, my team encouraged me to speak up more as they considered me a full team member, not “just an intern,” as I had in mind. They were curious about my “fresh perspective” and appreciated my questions and enthusiasm. So I wish I had more confidence and participated earlier.


This was my first internship with a company, and I truly had an incredible experience throughout. I learned so much over the 12-weeks, and met so many amazing people from whom I’ve learnt a lot - the energy is REAL.

I’m truly grateful for the experience I had at Klaviyo. I would like thank the INCREDIBLE Design Research team who were patient, encouraging and a true support through my internship. I would also like to thank the amazing Integrations team who walked me through how they visioned integrations and its diversity and its working. I hope to work with you all again in the future - once a Klaviyo, always a Klaviyo!